The Creepshow at TWO ZOMBIE EVENTS!!!!

That's right!  The Traveling Creepshow will be a part of two amazing zombie events this season. (not including our Halloween Party!)

October 12th: The first is the annual Zombiefest!  We'll be there entertaining the ghouls while they pick parts from the dead around them.  Get your Zombie on and join us to add to the numbers of undead masses!  http://www.pittsburghzombiefest.com/
October 25th: The second is a specialty Zombie swanky dinner.  We will have the tent and be ready for the dead with Trixy and all!  This is a 7 course meal in a new barn with Zombies roaming around outside all night.  You gotta see it and you gotta buy tickets!  https://churchviewfarmpgh.squarespace.com/zombie-dinner/

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