Trundle Christmas Party!

Santon is getting ready for a small Trundle Manor Christmas party with friends on Saturday the 6th of January! Unfortunately that means no tours for that weekend BUT if you are around Saturday at 8pm, you see this special message, and bring something interesting for the gift giving game you can join us!

Care of Mr Arm


Happy After Halloween!!!!

It's finally winding down.  The Halloween season is evolving into the miresome evil of winter and our costume parties are coming to a close.  It will always be in our twisted little hearts, but the world is moving on.  Here is a short 360 video of our good friend Dangle spinning a flaming hammer from his willy (you can't see it) to entertain the masses at our 2017 Halloween party!  Enjoy!


Happy Halloween!!!!

It’s that time again folks! This year The Manor has decided to keep taking tours all the way up until now! We will not be booking anything for the week of Halloween, so don’t even try it. From now until after our party we will not even answer contact forms. Crappy right? Guess you should have gotten to us sooner. 

We’re not complete grumps though; if you want to stop by on the evening of the 31st; feel free to have a few drinks with us, hand out candy, and watch some Vincent Price movies! That’s right! Spend the high holy day for weirdos with us! This isn’t our party but we can make it fun! Don’t show up before 7 though. We need our prep time. Hope to see you then!