We appreciate that people want to get out of their houses and are flattered that they want to get into ours. However, since Trundle Manor is our house we are taking advanced precautions and halting tours for quite some time.

We don’t know when we are resuming,
we aren’t taking advanced appointments,
and absolutely do not show up at our door expecting more than for us to release the tigers on you.


Face Masks Now Available in our Etsy Shop!

Velda has been working on new cotton reversible face masks with one side in the much-coveted black cotton, the other in various Halloween prints. The design includes a side pocket, one filter each, and a channel at the top to insert a nose wire. Bandana style, easy to cover beards or tuck into collars. Limited supplies but new styles coming soon!


Still Closed For Tours But Please Visit Our Gift Shop!

Dearest Trundlephiles!

In our unending homebody bliss, we completely forgot to ever post on our official website about being closed for tours due to Covid and all that has come with it. Good job staying at home and being safe, and we do welcome the idea of a day when we can once again safely welcome you into our Odd Abode and show off!

However we are still CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE FOR TOURS. We do ask that if you find yourself inexplicably drawn to our front porch, please refrain from touching anything and send us a message online instead.

We do very much appreciate the continued interest in tours and are working on a few ideas on how to still connect with all of you and stay entertaining. Rest assured, Mr Arm and Velda are both doing well and healthy and working on all sorts of nefarious projects, as well as wandering the darkened corridors in vintage evening wear, swilling absinthe and watching Vincent Price movies, as you’d expect.

The good news is that our Etsy store is up and running like never before, and Velda has been toiling away in her attic lair, crafting many delightful items for our gift shop. That’s the best way to show your support for our Trundle Bills at this time, so if you have the means, please see us at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TrundleManor  Or click our Gift Shop button on the right hand side!

Thank you for your eternal wanderlust and wonder-lust and we are still with you! (Probably under your bed or in your closet.)