October 5th, 7 PM - Coffin Cuties Art Opening at Trundle Manor

Coffin Cuties Magazine is a new publication featuring the masterfully macabre Horror Pinup of Mike Hearse.  Trundle Manor will be exhibiting some of Mike's photography during the Halloween month of October!

Join us. though, for the pre-Halloween-party, costumed opening reception at the beginning of this fright season!

Costume Contest for best Costumed Cutie! (Ladies Only)
With Prizes of Some Sort!
Blood Red Wine and Meat will be provided for Debaucherous Gorging! (no guarantee on gorgeable amounts)
Meet and Greet with the Artist, Mike Hearse, beginning at 8!
18+ (some nude photography)

There is a world right next door.  It is a world where the stakes are higher; where terror is stark and sudden, women are beautiful and strong, and experiences are meaningful and memorable.  It is a world you knew existed, but couldn't find amid the dross and distractions of everyday life.  This is the world of Coffin Cuties; the world photographer, publisher, and maven of the macabre, Mike Hearse, calls home.  Combining classic horror, tastefully extreme pin-ups, and the mordantly morbid, Coffin Cuties is an alternative to the alternatives; authentic, striking, artistic, and sexy.  Coffin Cuties is the world where "If only..." becomes "Of course."

"Open up the cover.  Step into the world next door.  We've been waiting for you."
(Coffin Cuties)


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