Trundle Igor Needed!

Well Friends of the Manor, we are in need of a new Igor. Igor 1.0 has come apart at the seams an plans to move away from the mother land of Pittsburgh.

We here need someone fun who is interested in the odd and unusual. You will have the opportunity to invest your time learning new techniques, help work on vintage automobiles, further the image of the Manor, travel with us to different events, and use our endless knowledge of weird construction for anything you may be interested in making. We also need someone who is willing to help with the schlock work like skinning animals, routing through piles of other peoples junk to find golden treasures of the bizarre, and contacting SSOA members about important goings on.

What you may be a part of: Trundle Manor Local, Trundle Manor Traveling Creepshow, Trixy the 1952 Dodge truck, the Drifters Car Club of Pittsburgh, Mr Arm's jewelry design and production, Velda's clothing design and production.

These aren't all we are working on or all you will be a part of but think of it this way: you will be furthering one of Pittsburgh's greatest pieces of roadside America and one of the last great pieces of tourist trap in this great country of travelers.
If you or your friend is interested please call Mr Arm at 412-916-5544!
THIS IS NOT A PAYING GIG! We simply need people interested enough in furthering the odd that they would like to be a permanent member of the Trundle Manor team.

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