Pittsburgh Zombie Walk

Mr Arm and Velda Von Minx at the 10-10-10 Pittsburgh Zombie Walk. What a great time it was. We here at Trundle Manor love to design our costumes together so that we have our own back story. This year Mr Arm was an English explorer, Colonel Lockwood Arm, who, while traipsing through the jungle he happened upon a beautiful Zulu girl who had been run down with a most horrible flesh craving affliction. His initial plan was to take her back to the main land, have her curred, then have her become his primitive bride. Unfortunately the savage bit Colonel Arm on the trip home and now he finds that a good ravage should do before he lops off her head... or is it the other way around? Colonel Arm is quite the oddity. Velda was the perfect little jungle queen. Every step we took we were asked to pose for photographs. What a day.

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