Trixy the Trundle Manor Hauler

Here are some photos of Trixy my steampunk/ratrod/circus themed truck. I have had her since I was 17 and this is her 3rd redesign. She will be used to haul our traveling show around.

I would like your ideas on how to make her more circus like or more steampunk. Remember; the creepier the better so bring out your strange!

As Mr Arm I do not often ask for others ideas but I find that when I give you viewers something to do you take to it like, well like a duckling to bat wings!


  1. wood side panels. Or better yet, brass look paint job on the truck with faux rivets.

  2. Faux anything would seem to be an insult to the creation itself. Brass bodywork would be a different story altogether... how about calliope 'flutes' for the horns? Better yet, for the stacks! Love the headliner... more brass lines on the motor as well. Maybe a glass fuel filter setup like a distilling rig?

  3. A brass-effect blower would be an awesome design choice - or, in my personal opinion it would be.

    Big old brass crooked air-scoop on top of the carburettor in place of the cylindrical air-filter, with pointed teeth around the edge on the inside to make it look like a snarling set of jaws.

  4. steam operated minigun up top

  5. First thing would be to get rid of the steelies, replace them with a rim with thick spokes á la wooden wagon wheels, maybe with a hammered brass rattle can job.

    It's kinda a job, but switching those rubber hoses to hard copper lines would look sick! At least the fuel line, with an old glass bowl sediment catch for the fuel filter....