A Most Nefarious Wedding!

The Manor will not be doing or scheduling any tours between April 10th and May 7th.  Why, you ask; well Velda and Mr Arm are getting married!  The beauty of this is YOU CAN COME TOO!  If you feel like shelling out some dough for the happy couple you too can join them on their special night!  12 bands, 5 belly dancers, free booze for of age folks, a waffle truck will be selling gourmet waffles, and a whole lot of insanity!  Here is our beautiful poster and below is a link to the rest of the information and gift registry.  Don't worry, wads of money are also accepted for admittance at the door.  Don't be cheap!  This only happens once!


Comedy Night at The Manor - Jan 16th @ 8 P.M.

That's right!  Trundle Manor is hosting another Swive Nation comedy night run by Ian Insect this upcoming Saturday.  Probably 6 comedians, probably some drinking, definitely some laughs!

Doors open at 7 P.M. show starts at 8 P.M.
Seating Limited
Enjoy The Manor if its off hours!


Trundlecast #12 Periwinkle Archibald the Cword!

Just in time for Christmas, Trundle Manor has finished yet another Trundlecast!  Open your presents to the sounds of drunken Trundlefiles and Trundleites!  Seriously, so freaking drunk.

Thank you to Jason, Polly, Mike Psych, Mia, Pete, Jamie, Amanda, and Eve for drinking with us at The Manor and providing such fun; and thank you to Bryan Vamp for the intro music!

Or look for it on iTunes!