Closing Party for Sheron Bergmark's Art Show!

 Sheron Bergmark's art show at the Manor will be having its closing party on May 8 at 7pm! BYOB as always!

From the artist: "We know every Trundlelover has something on its mind. Come to the closing of the Bergmark show, open your mouth and let it out!

Read a poem (no epics, please)! Sing a song! Tell a creepy tale! A filthy joke! Your most disturbing memory! Throw down your soapbox and rant for a minute or two!

On Friday May 8 the evening will begin at 7, the mic opens at 9. Wine provided for legal Trundlenuts (or BYOB).

BE HERE AND BE HEARD! (TMI encouraged!)

Facebook event link here! https://www.facebook.com/events/628103540625193/

Finally! The 6th Trundlecast is Up!

The Trundlecast talks to some of the actors from an immersive play, Professor Eldritch’s Asylum for Uncanny and Extraordinary Women, that went on right next door to Trundle Manor!  We held a few parties for the ladies and here’s one of them!  This was recorded during one of their drunken parties at The Manor and they were a delight.  Hell of a show as well!  We were able to view it before even the costumes were put together.  Everyone knows that TM likes being behind the scenes and feeling special.  I hope you enjoy this romp!

Or look for it on iTunes!

Here are some links to the production companies which put on the show:
Abby Lis-Perlis/Devious Maid Productions

Ayne Terceira/Uncumber Theatrics


The Final Instalment of Our 3 Part Trundlecast!

This is the final instalment of our three part Trundlecast: A Vampire, A Witch, and A Black Cat!  You even get an abridged story of Trixy: the Trundle Manor 1952 hauler, Mr Arm’s first creeprod which is still in the collection and used regularly!

I hope you guys like these.  It's fun and I like letting people know what The Manor is up to while you're not around!

Or look for it on iTunes!