By Appointment Only

Good evening Trundlefiles,

    As the new year begins to trample our backs like the honey slathered pig that it is, we begin to contemplate how the future shall burden us. Will we survive the foibles of the technology which has allowed those seeking wonder to find us? Will people still seek out enough knowledge to make tours possible?

    We are are awoken by a fear that only comes from those who would rather not disturb a teaming mass, as well as by a doorbell rung by an unknowing few who had not seen this website. 

    For those who have found us: thank you! We greatly appreciate your search! For those who find google first and tell me it doesn’t say anything about tours by appointment on our website: please dig deeper, and no you may not just open our door and walk in to have an impromptu "look around". 

   We know the world is changing and getting more difficult to find people like us who don’t pay to advertise anywhere, but that makes us think it’s all the better for those who do get tours. We are a challenge, and we appreciate all those who make it through our rotting doorway. 

    All of this to say: "Trundle Manor is a by appointment only household."


What is Your Halloween Going to Be?

It's not going to be spending it at Trundle Manor!
Our household is spending this Halloween enjoying our time together.  This is the first year without Little Devil and we will be shutting down until November to celebrate his life.  We regret that this may mean we won't be able to provide tours to those in town for a short time but hopefully those who live close or plan on visiting Pittsburgh again will find us in the future!

We will have someone to hand out big candy bars on Halloween evening and allowing people in to wander for a bit so maybe come peep then!


Velda’s Eyeballs For Sale!

For those of you who have admired her eyeball collection in the MOV on a tour, or seen them on Facebook or IG, you can now take home a high quality, ready to hang print for only $20! Canvas print in archival aqueous ink mounted on board with a pre-drilled hole in back. Get em on our Etsy and stay tuned for more eyeballs being listed soon!