The Final Instalment of Our 3 Part Trundlecast!

This is the final instalment of our three part Trundlecast: A Vampire, A Witch, and A Black Cat!  You even get an abridged story of Trixy: the Trundle Manor 1952 hauler, Mr Arm’s first creeprod which is still in the collection and used regularly!

I hope you guys like these.  It's fun and I like letting people know what The Manor is up to while you're not around!

Or look for it on iTunes!


Sheron Bergmark's Art Opening is Up!

At Trundle Manor we're ready for the pen and ink opening of Sheron Bergmark! This Saturday the 18th starting at 7pm you can meet the artist, see her works, marvel at our nude centerpiece, Jess, painted by Sheron, be suspended by our rope specialist, Russ, and relax to the fire performers and ukelele player!  BYOB, 18+ for the show and 21+ for the opening.

Trundlecast # 4! A Vampire, A Witch, and A Black Cat P2!

The Trundlecast 4 has just dropped!  This is the second of three trundlecasts where we interview A Vampire, A Witch, and A Black Cat.  Don't miss this episode cause you'll be so lost without it!
Or look for it on iTunes!