Genital Hammer!

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and witness this five pound hammer that was once chained to a man's genitals and set ablaze! Spinning in circles, Dangle the geek would race to keep the tool elavated long enough through centrifical force so as to not set his underwear on fire! This piece was Dangle's first dick hammer and was just donated to the Trundle Manor collection. Velda and Mr Arm first met the man, the myth, the legend while they were judging a weekly freak contest. Dangle won. Come see this new piece during your next visit!


What's on our doorstep?


This cow skull showed up on our doorstep the other day! We could tell it was displayed at some point and we're glad to give it a new home. We unfortunately couldn't be home to receive it from the previous owner but we want to thank him and use this chance to show how grand people can be. Trundle Manor gets donations of all kinds and we will be doing our best to post them when we can. Thank you to all of our donors!