Trixy and Trundle Manor At This Weekend's World of Wheels!

Trixy the Trundle Manor Hauler will be set up at this years World of Wheels at the downtown convention center!  Mr Arm and Trixy have set up with his car club, The Drifters, for years.  After three, or more, years of the Drifters being disbanded and the WoW not being a top priority he's feeling a little nostalgic.  The Manor will be represented in some of its glory by Trixy and, what is being called, a micro parlor display!  Come and sit with Mr Arm, Velda Von Minx, and Trixy this weekend in the Extreme section of the World of Wheels!




When Mr Arm is busy sculpting little people and trying to not rip his eyeballs out of their sockets he listens to the Beware the Harry Mango podcast.  Chock full of bizarre stories and weird alliteration which goes by so fast that you'll probably have to listen to it a few times to get all the nuancical jokes.  Check him out and click on his donate button if you like it.  Click anyway because The Manor told you so!


Dirtiest Show, Not Tonight!

If you were hoping to come to an art show at Trundle Manor tonight you are wrong.  The City Paper apparently got a bit of misinformation about an art show at The Manor.  Please don't show up tonight.  I may not be so welcoming.