TM on Patreon!!!

The Manor has joined Patreon!

With this world needing more wonder, we have made a vow to provide.  Problem being: that takes funds.  Trundle Manor has sustained on the backs of Mr Arm and Velda's day jobs for its entire existence, but now we would like to take steps to making it self sustaining.

If you would like to help support this house of the odd please visit https://www.patreon.com/trundlemanor to set up a monthly donation.  All proceeds will be put towards new exhibits, upkeep, and events and experiences never even dreamed possible.

Thank you in advance!


Comedy at The Manor! April 21st 9pm

Woooooo eeeeeeeeee!!! Trundle Manor has been put back on the docket of Ian Insect to keep his monthly comedy nights running in our haunted parlor!  Join the usual crew and listen to racy, strange, and terrified comics spin their craft while you repose amongst the dead.  It's BYOB and on street parking, but be kind to our neighbors and make sure you park responsibly.  No need to reserve to be here then.  First come first seat.  See you on the funny side!




Last Sunday Mr Arm jarred a 3 week fresh placenta for a lovely couple fond of our work! First the piece was given a complete rinse to flush out as much blood as possible to prevent clouding the preservative. After it was given a formaldehyde (yum!) rinse and suspended within a proprietary solution with invisible wire. The tree of life keeps giving and now there is no need to throw it away with the bath water! Just contact Mr Arm on the Trundle Manor line. 412-916-5544