No Tours 9/16 9/17

The Manor's inhabitants will be taking a trip to Mothman Fest to do some... experimentation. Sadly that means no tours on this weekend. Please look in again!


The Trundlecast #17 is up!

The Gobbling King!
The 17th Trundlecast is finally up and listenable! Check it out by searching iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or by going directly to the source: The Trundlecast Webpage!

Mr Arm is the only one to understand villainous research, Velda gets panicky, Caster poisons the Lord and Lady, Mike Psyche gets blown by a ranger, JimmyZ fades into the background, and Ms. Eve looses track of the point.

Don't forget our Patreon too!


TM on Patreon!!!

The Manor has joined Patreon!

With this world needing more wonder, we have made a vow to provide.  Problem being: that takes funds.  Trundle Manor has sustained on the backs of Mr Arm and Velda's day jobs for its entire existence, but now we would like to take steps to making it self sustaining.

If you would like to help support this house of the odd please visit https://www.patreon.com/trundlemanor to set up a monthly donation.  All proceeds will be put towards new exhibits, upkeep, and events and experiences never even dreamed possible.

Thank you in advance!