Trundlecast 9! An Empath at The Manor!

Well...  This was quite interesting for us.  A guest showed up to scout for a music video and ended up coming back after midnight to ell us all about the ghost that was in his ear the whole time he was here!  It was a strange interview all the way around and if, like me, you don't like people being mean to Velda don't listen to this one.  We played this for some of the Trundle Manor crew and their reactions will be on The Trundlecast #10 so STAY TUNED!

Thank you Lake for being our cover girl!  Thanks to your father for sending a story about The Manor for this episode and to your mom for the pouty little picture!

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Two Trundlecasts: #7 and #8!

#7 Preparing for Pizza Fest
The Trundle Manor inhabitants try and figure out what to ask people for the Pizza Pinup contest for the 2015 Pizza Fest, on this Trundlecast!  Does their friend Derrick help, or is it a drunken mess?


#8 Big Pete at Trundle Manor
Mr Arm and Velda nervously interview Michael C. Maronna, otherwise known as Big Pete from the Adventures of Pete and Pete!  They also catch you up on how Pizza Fest and Atrocity faired in the past weeks.

or look for them on iTunes

Check out Zombo for info from our Pizza Fest companion.

Prepare for the next Atrocities by watching their site.

Listen to Michael's podcast, The Adventures of Danny and Mike.


Closing Party for Sheron Bergmark's Art Show!

 Sheron Bergmark's art show at the Manor will be having its closing party on May 8 at 7pm! BYOB as always!

From the artist: "We know every Trundlelover has something on its mind. Come to the closing of the Bergmark show, open your mouth and let it out!

Read a poem (no epics, please)! Sing a song! Tell a creepy tale! A filthy joke! Your most disturbing memory! Throw down your soapbox and rant for a minute or two!

On Friday May 8 the evening will begin at 7, the mic opens at 9. Wine provided for legal Trundlenuts (or BYOB).

BE HERE AND BE HEARD! (TMI encouraged!)

Facebook event link here! https://www.facebook.com/events/628103540625193/