Limited Tours!

Trundle Manor will not be able to fulfill all of the tours coming in this October.  This is our busy season and we booked up quick!  There are still a few days that we can fit people in but be aware that last minute tours will not be possible.

Thank you, my Trundlefiles, and happy Halloween!!!


September 4th, 7pm Shawn Beeks Art Opening!!!

    We have been busy at The Manor and have not put on an art opening since June and it's time to swing it up again!
    Shawn Beeks produces amazing works of eerie imagery with a bit more than a few hints of wonder.  Come join the opening for his works, that will be shown throughout September at Trundle Manor, on September 4th beginning at 7pm.  We hope to find you there!


Trundlecast #10! What We Think of Our Empath

This Trundlecast is the second installment of our empath evening.  Last cast we heard the young man who claimed to channel Charley and this week you get to hear what our local Trundlefiles think of the night.  Also, our announcer was kidnaped so that the Trundle Manor grave digger can introduce his Villain Problems segment! Enjoy!

Thank you to Little Devil for letting us photograph him relaxing in his chair and thank you to Bryan Vamp for the intro music!

Or look for it on iTunes HERE!