The Manor After Dark

Are you sick of cramming into bars to satiate your twisted nature and experience live shows while being shoved by people who are just there to suck down alcohol and scream at their friends?  Well now you can experience all of these joys in a setting befitting your sadistic streak of tumbling madness!

Trundle Manor is putting on live events and free-licence movies all summer.  May is nuts!

-Starting us off is our Movie Night beginning May 14th and continuing every other Wednesday.  We will be showing films projected on the side of the building for our Friends of The Manor.  Bring a chair and your snack or drink of choice and join us for free lawn shows.  We will be making popcorn in our movie style popping machine but the rest is up to you!

-The next night, the 15th of May, brings you the Lord Baron's Cavalcade of Chaos invades Trundle Manor!  Joseph Cr Vourteque brings his odd vocals along with two lovely ladies, Miss Shotglass Sally and Madame Envy, to perform acts of the twisted for your amusement.  This show is free but tips are welcome.

-Then on May 20th it's Comedy at The Manor with British comedians: Andrew O'Neill and Mark Burrows who make us their Pittsburgh stop on their big US Tour!  O'Neill, seen on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Saxondale, performs his comedy act: A History of Heavy Metal, probably in drag, and Burrows will be doing his take on the bass guitar, sex, girls, indie bands, and not having sex with girls who play bass in indie bands.  18 and up only and a suggested donation of $7-$12 will help these guys continue their US tour.

That's just what we have for May so far so come check out The Manor's odd items and strange entertainment.  We just want you to be entertained!!!

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