Igors Needed

Decimating corpses, creating life quality props for the hell of it, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, skinning animals, stitching them back together, playing with fire, carrying out new and genius plans, modeling for strange and twisted photo shoots, jarring dead things, playing with bones, welding ungodly beasts into existence from raw steel, playing with Lego blocks; life as an Igor isn’t all bad.  You get to work on building one of the most bizarre and uncatagorical tourist traps in the world along with your own skills and reputation.

Trundle Manor is looking for fresh blood to carry out their bizarre schemes and to become part of one of the more offbeat families in Pittsburgh, the Trundle Family.  We need a new Igor (that is a person willing to help with random grunt work as long as they are learning to become a mad scientist themselves).  We want to expand our empire and continue to build the name into more of a business.  For this we need passionate bodies to fill our Parlor and help bring enthusiasm to what we do.  This is a non-paying position unless you figure a way to make money with us.  We are open to people using The Manor and its possibilities to further our collective careers in the odd and believe that you get back what you put into it.  We’re looking for artists, entertainers, grant writers, builders, someone to drive our limos, and just general assistants who want to learn more about building things and events.  Honestly, we won’t know what to do with you until we meet you.  So come to Trundle Manor and tell us how much you want this.  We’re always here.

Contact Mr Arm if you are interested in joining our crew.

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