Nov. 2nd at 7pm: The Trundle Manor Halloween Bash!

It's finally here!  Our Annual Halloween Bash is going to be November 2nd; starting around 7 and lasting all night as usual.  This year is a Zombie Masquerade theme!  That's right, our safe-house has been broken into during our party and the undead are turning folks all over the place!  Are you a hunter or one of the shambling, well-dressed hoards?

We have two live bands lined up, the Braddock Brothers and the Jackals of Botswana; our corndog fryer will be bubbling; also our Z-Juice (you don't want to know what that is but it's got booze in it) cooler and Absinthe fountain will be flowing!  There may be other activities but I don't always have the patients for that during the event.

Please bring a donation of food, booze, or simply cash!  Tell your friends and join our Facebook invite! https://www.facebook.com/events/1380746065492640/

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