The Amazing Acro-Cats!

The residence of the Manor have the great honor to meet some fantastic people through tours of our little collection.  Sometimes the donations are more than we bargain for.  On Sunday we made time to host a tour with two girls from the Amazing Acro-Cats show who were in town performing.  Because the Manor sort of holds us home more often than not we don't often look for things to do in town.  If not contacted we may have never known they were here.  That's how bad we are at leaving the house.  We would have missed a cat show with the only actual cat band in existence if they had not come for a tour.  WHAT!  It is a micro circus with cats performing on balls, balance bars, and the band is the grand finally!  What would we have done if we missed it!
We found some kind of kindred spirit in these girls and have been hanging with them in some form or another every night!  I admire the story of how Samantha has built this up for years.  It gives me hope for kitschy, weird acts and people who aren't playing strange just because it's cool.  Passion is hard to find these days without some other motive or having the people be so bat shit that you can't even talk to them in general.  Thank you girls, and thank your pussies for us... CATS, pussyCATS!
Visit their well updated website for merchandise and their next tour dates.
P.S. This is Tuna the oldest and the star of the show on board their tour buss after their last show in Pittsburgh.  Grumpy and tired.  The same way I am after the Traveling Creepshow tunes down.

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