The End of the Wunder Sleaze!


Mr Arm, lying in a bed with evidence of tumultuous sleep, rolls over and stares at the ceiling as long as he can without blinking to prove he is completely awake.  Veld Von Minx lies next to him curled into a ball
Mother of god.  It's time to write to the masses.
Can't we just dissolve into the mattress and forget this whole thing?
(typing, voice over)
Welcome dear Trundlites to our day of redemption for our show, Trundle Manor presents Wunder Sleaze!  We want to thank all of you who attended and the amazing acts who were there to entertain. 
The Vendors for the night held the masses off until the show went on, selling strange wares and bizarre buyables.  Once it was all set up and ready to roll one of the Manor's favorite bands, the Legendary Hucklebucks rocked the house, drawing in the crowd to prepare them for the wonders to be beheld!  Mr Arm initiated a pause and gave a stumbling initial intro to the night before letting them get on their path to pleasure.  Mr Arm and his good friend, Spaz the Insane, bantered back and forth like a bunch of cackling fools before announcing Bella Sin.  She strutted her tush in a beautiful burlesque act for everyone and shook the house!  After this Velda Von Minx and Spaz took over the announcing.  Some snafus held the movie, Cross Bearer, from playing on time for a bit but was eventually under way.  After that the Jason Martinko Revue jived the meats in the seats and kept the fun going right up to the headliners for the night Pain Solution and the Squidling Brothers!  For those who stuck around they got the treat of these dueling pain acts shoving things into their faces and dangled heavy objects from their nether regions!  What beauty found in pain!
Thank you all for attending and making this a first time show to be proud to stand behind!  Possibly look for another one next year but we'll see!

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