Happy New Year!

What a roller coaster of a year the Manor has endured. From the loss of friends to the acquisition of new pieces for the collection!  I don't care to go into any of that so let's talk about the New Year!  Trundle Manor has quite a bright future ahead of it and we want you all to share in it.
Art Shows - We are going to have our first art exhibit at the Manor with artist Sara K Diesel in March.  We will be allowing artists to set up inside or out for selective one month shows.  Each show will have an opening and closing wine and cheese party to unveil those we think embody the Manor in some way.  We are hoping to help show off and possibly sell art that we believe in.  We will be posting any new upcoming shows here.  Also let us know if you are interested in showing in our collection yourself!
The Traveling Creepshow - The Creepshow has been on hiatus for a time and needs a bit of revamping.  On top of finding events to attend we will be looking for people who would like to travel with us and work along side of the Creepshow to further the weird of the world.
A New Store?! - That’s right!  Trundle Manor is taking on the idea of a brand new art store to be based in Pittsburgh!  We will be selling all things for your unusual projects.  That’s all I can say but be on the lookout for the most exciting art store you have ever seen!
Other Than That - That’s about it for now.  I’m getting tired of typing and you’ve stopped reading about four sections back.  Plus there are no pictures here so I’m sure you didn’t even read the title.
Happy New Year!!!

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