Creeprod Carshow August 11th!

To all the elusive beastrods spotted around Pittsburgh and beyond. Trundle Manor and your local unique car clubs are putting on a car show with Zombo in Lawrenceville! We will be making it a CREEPROD CARSHOW! If anyone is interested in making this event unique please contact me. As far as I know, the Sacred Pistons, Blacktop Cannibals, and hopefully the Drifters car clubs will be involved. The Bessemers and Highway 13 have been slated to play for the good people of the weird. We will have the streets on the side of and behind Stinky’s Bar by Zombo’s place. As of 6/5/2012 I don’t have a lot ironed out but will be welcoming input, acts, and possible vendors. We don’t want to exclude anyone but keep in mind that this is based on a twisted view on the world. Lets hear what you have to think! Here is the facebook page:

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