Hello all you creeps and freaks out there! Trundle Manor is looking for a weekend Igor to help run the Creepshow for this summer. We are looking for a talented, artistic, and motivated person to help with projects and memorabilia creation on Saturdays and travel with the Creepshow on Sundays. Projects include painting banners, making jewelry to sell, creating displays, customizing cars and trailers, and making informational signs. It’s all fun stuff if you like making cool things and learning techniques. We let you utilize your own creative awesomeness so make this position your own! We will be traveling to car shows, flea markets, and conventions. If you are interested and have the time we will do more conventions and things during the week. This is limited to what we figure out to do. Because I’m tired of seeming like we just use people; we are offering a portion of the take as payment. The more you do the more you make. We have plenty of wonderful friends helping us but we need someone who will be able to commit to the cause completely. This is a great part time position and you could make up to $500 a weekend. Possibly over if we do real good. I’m just judging by our first season’s numbers. Send Mr Arm an email or message to set up an interview like sit down at the Manor. mrarm@trundlemanor.com Or send a text! Don not call because that annoys the poop out of me. 412-916-5544

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