Vex Kelpie's Art Opening!

This Friday, April 4 is the first art opening of the year at Trundle Manor, and it's a good one! Our very own Vex Kelpie will be opening your eyes to the macabre fairy world inside her head!

Fairies, booze, and the macabre!
7p.m. until late
Meet the artist!

In her own words: 

Like most little girls, I was obsessed with unicorns, griffins and werewolves. I was also very interested in biology and natural science, and I would conduct little adventures to try and find these kinds of creatures to study. While I usually came up short, I was always sure I found traces of them. Trying to explain to an adult that I was sure the scratch marks on a tree next door were done by a manticore during mating season, never really translated well besides being the adorable ramblings of an over imaginable child. I began trying to give adults what they needed to take me seriously, and started making diagrams, drawings or even finding bones. I realized very early on that many adults WANTED to believe me and would ask me more questions about my studies once I had "proof". I enjoy being able to justify something you only thought existed in your imagination or nightmares could be real, even if it is only for a second.

This exhibit will expose the inner worlds of Vex Kelpie, the little girl who found no reason to grow up. Sculptures of mythical creatures and hidden beasts will pepper Trundle Manor’s shelves peering at you from their fantastical dimensions. Remember the days where you weren’t quite sure what was hiding in the dark and explore the expertly sculpted ethereal representations by Vex during her official opening and throughout the month of April.

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