Art Opening Sept. 13th - Jason Kollar and Johnny Daggers

Friday the 13th of September The Manor is opening it's doors for another kick ass art show!  This time it's horror works by Tattooist Jason Kollar and bone sculptures by Johnny Daggers.  Reception begins at 7 PM with booze provided.  This should be a wild one so strap in and bite down on that leather strap!

Jason Kollar formed [sic] Inc. Tattoo in the summer of 2008. Upon the opening of the studio it became apparent that the studio was going to have a horror theme to it, as Jason's art leans towards the darker side of humanity. As the studio grew in popularity, so did the need for clients to want more and more of his original work on them.

Jason began drawing and painting under the wing of his mother, who is also very talented, at the age of 4 and has made art a constant in his life since. Jason's main medium of choice is acrylic paint, pencil, and pen. The framing for the art that is for sale or display is adorned with a unique frame that is influenced by the film the painting is from that creates a one of a kind piece unique to the buyer.
Jason is a native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a small city outside of Pittsburgh. There he resides with his wife Brandi, and 3 children.

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