Trundle Favorite Things Part 1- Booze

Here at the Manor, we are notorious for tearing things apart and re-making them to our creeptastic, unrealistic standards. But there are things out there that we adore just the way they are- little pockets of perfection in a world so full of substandard garbage. We'll do a few installments showcasing some of our favorite brands. Up first, BOOZE. We support the following both because they have a superior, delicious product, and an exquisite style. (And anyone who's been on a tour knows we like booze...)

Kraken Rum

First up is Kraken- a dark, spiced, goes down way too smooth rum befitting any Pirate's drinking contest or high class cocktail hour. Plus, they have this badass old-timey aesthetic that fits us so well, AND- a tentacled sea monster logo. We're in love.  http://www.krakenrum.com/

Sweet Revenge Liqueur

 Sweet Revenge- Velda's personal favorite for many reasons- this is the perfect drink for a candy-obsessed Villainess. For starters, that name! Also the classic Jack Daniels shaped bottle with neon pink liquid-perfect for girl gang drinking on the railroad tracks. It's an uber-sweet strawberry mash that stands on its own but also knocks you on your ass! For a self-induced sugar coma, mix with strawberry pop and pour in a pixy-stick rimmed glass. (Trundle Manor is not responsible for your diabetes diagnosis) http://www.sweet-revenge.com/drink-responsibly/

La Fee' Absinthe

Trundle Manor is becoming rather known for our penchant for Absinthe (especially when served with corn dogs at Halloween! We have strange tastes...) But our favorite is La Fee- a traditional absinthe distilled with wormwood and made in France, and we believe the best on the market today. For those that don't know, Absinthe is a heavily alcoholic spirit with the flavor of anise (much like black liquorice) and notoriously enjoyed by several famous bohemian writers and artists in the 19th century. Plus, their exquisite eyeball logo is oh-so-Trundle. http://www.lafeeabsinthe.com/

Crystal Head Vodka
Founded by Dan Aykroyd who believes heartily in the Legend of the Crystal Skulls, this vodka has a very clean, very pure taste- in addition to having the absolute coolest bottle out there. Top shelf vodka in a human skull? What could be more perfect. Someday we want an entire bar-full of these bottles! http://crystalheadvodka.com/home

Hendrick's Gin

Like proper anglophiles, we like our gin from the UK. Distilled in Scotland with an unusual mix of herbs and botanicals (cucumber and rose petal, anyone?), this is the most delicious, wonderful gin we've tasted. And seriously, check out their website- Hendrick's Curiositorium, featuring The Society of the Unusual- I'm starting to think we are star-crossed lovers, seperated at birth or something... http://www.hendricksgin.com

Fireball Whisky
Finally, we have Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. We normally aren't whisky drinkers but this one is an exception. Like liquid redhots candy, the cinnamon flavor runs deep and warm and is the perfect addition to any autumn-themed cocktail. Velda likes to put it in hot apple cider whilst brushing crunchy orange leaves off of tombstones. Or something. Cinnamon flavored whisky makes it feel like Halloween all year long.  http://www.fireballwhisky.com

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