March 1st Art Opening Event at the Manor!

Trundle Manor is beginning a month-by-month set of gallery shows on our main floor. The first is coming up this March! To start this odyssey is a young illustrator with an eye for the types of crazy worlds we want to live in. Her name is Sara Diesel! All are invited so join us March 1st for a glimpse of her works on display. We will have a meet and greet with the artist and plenty of beautiful pieces for you to enjoy.

Throughout her life, Sara Diesel has always been in love with all things fantasy, science fiction, and the slightly unusual. She has been heavily influenced by the movies she grew up with and has drawn inspiration from Star Wars, Star Trek, The Labyrinth, Legend, Willow and the Fifth Element. She also has a fascination with mythology, folklore, and the macabre. Upon visiting Trundle Manor several years ago she felt an immediate connection with the unique stylings and slightly odd vision of the Manor and felt as though she had found a kindred spirit to her view of the world. Trundle Manor provides the perfect backdrop for her subject matter and really provides a wonderful compliment. Sara graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2012 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts. She uses a combination of digital and traditional mediums in many of her pieces to create her own style.

In her artwork, she tries to capture the essence of everything she loves and enjoys about the sci-fi & fantasy genres. She loves to create pieces that evoke an emotion and a reaction from the viewer, whether positive or negative.

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