Selling the Trundle Hauler

Are you tired of looking like a douche bag driving around in a volkswagon rabbit? Do you hate the idea of looking like a hick in your truck while hauling large things around? Have a huge family and hate the idea of a minivan? Would you like to go on long car trips and be able to bring things home as souvenirs? Want people to think you’re a responsible person by hiring a limo for Saturday nights? Then BUY THIS LIMO!

Bought to take to flea markets so he could haul cool things for his local weird tourist trap, Trundle Manor, Mr Arm has deemed this the perfect car for those wishing to have some panache while still being able to haul things around. As long as a full size extended cab truck and as easy and comfortable to drive as a Cadillac, this is a true luxury hauler.

This limo has been modified to allow the maximum storage space by having the center row of seats removed but they are completely in tact and will be included and installed upon completion of the sale. They are the same seats as the front ones and are in great shape. Also I have all of the headrests, which I have made removeable for convenience. This is an airport style limo with all front facing seats and 6 DOORS! Makes it easy to pack in people or things! Don’t get us wrong; the inside is clean and well maintained! This is no trashy mess! Mr Arm is simply in need of an older daily driver and would like to unload this newer model.

The inside is blue leather with matching carpet. Lean the seats all the way back in the front or middle to take a nap or watch a drive in movie in style! Power seats, windows, new CD player stereo, rear AC and Heat.

The engine and transmission are the same used in Corvettes of this year and are the classic 350/350 combo. The transmission was recently rebuilt for $2000 in 2011 and is like new. This car has huge ****s and often ends up doing a burn out while leaving others in the dust. You could even put a hitch on the back and tow a full size trailer. None of the indicator lights are on and a tune-up was performed 5000 miles ago. Buy this car and go on a road trip!

Stop driving depressing normal cars and grab this beast for your daily driver. You will not be disappointed.

The downside is the roof will need new vinyl. This does not need to be redone immediately for it to be driven though. The underside is clean and the body has no rust on it. This is an amazing car and needs a good home. Stop getting into a normal car and make this growler yours!

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