Extreme Cribs Episode 6 Online!

Extreme Cribs | Ep. 6: Put your flashlights on because we are taking a look at the most creepy and terrifying Extreme Cribs yet.

TRUNDLE MANOR EXTREME CRIBS IS FINALY ONLINE! Take a look around our creepy abode guided by our Igor, Alexa. Velda and myself are twitching with excitement to have been on MTV's new series about unusual houses, Extreme Cribs. Check us out in person if you love the Manor! Thousands of little things that will twist your mind and tickle the duodenum of your curiosity can be had in our home. We are a hands-on tourist trap and this killer episode gives you a grand feel of what we are! Watch with the lights off...

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  1. I was most happy to view this program and find that there are more people like us around. Whilst my own collection of odd things only touches yours slightly i was in fact quite enamored of it immensely. It is my hope that someday my collection becomes as least as slightly well defined as your own.

    Also i could not hope but notice a delightful machine in your midst. a beautiful Dental X Ray machine. Indeed i have photos of that exact machine i believe on my computer when i friend of mine and i happened upon it a few years ago. and due to circumstances were unable to acquire it. while i am still sad we never obtained the said piece it is at least nice to know someone of your caliber has obtained it. Also your website is quite entertaining.